TracFone coverage in Maine

(Lewiston, Maine)

Excellent coverage in most of Maine and down the East Coast as far a Virginia

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Dec 13, 2014
Downeast Maine NEW
by: Anonymous

Tracfone will try to tell you only GSM phones work in washington county, maine but GSM has horrible signal they say CDMA wont work here but i get great service on my CDMA tracfone the only thing i dont get is internet.

Dec 06, 2014
tracfone coverage NEW
by: Anonymous

I leave my Tracfone at home where it works just fine.If you live more than a mile from a tower use smoke signals.

Nov 20, 2012
Tracfone reception in Maine NEW
by: Anonymous

Tracfone coverage is not good in rural Maine - especially Downeast beyond Belfast and north of Bangor. Check AT&T coverage for these areas before buying a Tracfone with a "G" model number - very spotty and usually only okay in city centers. Phones with models #s ending in a "C" use Verizon towers and have somewhat better, but not exactly "good," coverage.

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