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New TracFone Promo Codes for September - Plus Android on Straight Talk!
September 07, 2011

I poked around on the forums and found a couple of new promo codes in addition to the regularly updates codes that can found on the TracFone website.

One of the new codes is for 60 bonus minutes on a 60 minute card, so you will definitely want to check out my full TracFone promo code list on my blog here:
TracFone promo codes

Also, like I mentioned last time, the TracFone Website has a couple of new phones that come with Triple Minutes for Life, and also a few phones that are free with the purchase of an airtime card.

The most exciting news is that the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Precedent has been released for pre-order. Why is this exciting? Because it runs on the Android operating system, which makes it the first honest-to-goodness smart phone available on a TracFone brand!

$45/month gets you unlimited talk, text, and data. You'll have to examine your monthly usage patterns to figure out if that's a good deal for you, but the fact that it runs on Android means that you be able to buy real apps for it. Angry Birds anyone?

You can click here for a preview of what I know about the phone so far.

I'll get to work on a full review once mine gets in, they say it will be a couple of weeks before they ship, but it's good to see TracFone/Net10/Straight Talk making moves to stay competitive in the prepaid arena, because competition means that we can get better phones with more features at better prices. Win Win Win!

Thanks for reading!


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