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New TracFone Promo Codes for September and Some Free Phone Offers
September 15, 2011

TracFone is being a bit generous with the promo codes this week. 47640 gives you 80 bonus minutes on a 450 minute card, where normally they only have promo codes good for 50 bonus minutes.

Likewise, 15758 give 40 on a 120 minute card, where normally they only have promo codes for 30 on a 120. It's not much, but every little bit helps!

There are a couple of other new codes as well, so check out my full TracFone promo code list on my blog here:
TracFone promo codes

There you will also find some details about free phone offers from TracFone, Net10, and Straight Talk that might be of interest to you if you're in the market for a new phone.

Finally, I have my Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Precedent review posted on my blog now. If you remember from last week, this is the first Android phone available on any of the TracFone brands, and the big appeal is that it has access to hundreds of thousands apps in the Android Market.

The only gotcha is that it runs on the Sprint/Nextel system, so it's coverage is more limited than other Straight Talk phones. But if it has good coverage in your area, then I definitely recommend it.

Thanks for reading!


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