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Keith's TracFone Promo Code Newsletter, Issue #009 -- Is TracFone confused?
March 11, 2009

The TracFone website currently shows promo code 81801 as giving 30 bonus minutes on a 120 card, but it also shows 81801 as giving 50 on a 120. So which is right? My guess is the 30, and that there's now a mystery code that's worth 50 on a 200. Hopefully TracFone will get the typo on their website fixed soon.

Alas, no new Samsung TracFones this week. Patience is a virtue, right?

Don't forget that the TracFone website is still running the free shipping offer phone orders of $19.99 or greater, and promo code 23444 for $3 off a phone or phone/airtime bundle is still valid.

You can find my full promo code list on my blog here:
TracFone promo codes

Happy Savings!


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