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Keith's TracFone Promo Code Newsletter, Issue #001 -- Last Minute TracFone Christmas Deals
December 30, 2008

Welcome to the first edition of Keith's TracFone Promo Codes Newsletter! I keep up with TracFone Promo Codes on my blog, but the newsletter gives me a handy way to send out email reminders to people who don't want to check the blog on a regular basis. Rather than putting all of the promo codes in the email, I'll just put a link to my latest promo code post.

As a special thank-you to newsletter subscribers, I plan to offer some newsletter-only giveaways from time to time. The newsletter will come out once a week or so, and I hope that it helps you save money on TracFone airtime and phones!

The TracFone website is currently offering some special Christmas offers that make it a great time to buy a TracFone for a gift, or just for yourself!

You can see the full list on my blog here:
TracFone promotional codes

Enjoy your free airtime!


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