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February 24, 2007 19:14 - Welcome to my TracFone Tracphone blog! br>
Be sure to click here to visit my new and improved TracFone blog for the latest TracFone promo codes! I'm leaving these pages here for historical purposes, but I'll be making all new posts on my new blog. Thanks!!

Welcome to my new TracFone Tracphone blog! Why do I use both spellings you ask? Because I have found that a lot of people use the "ph" spelling, and I want them to be able to find my site as well. For the record, the official spelling is TracFone, but I'll use the Tracphone spelling from time to time.

Now on to the purpose of my starting the blog. Back when I was researching TracFones in 2003, I was looking for a website about how TracFones work in the real world, but all I could seem to find was TracFone sales sites. I saw a need and decided to help fill it by creating with the purpose of writing a full TracFone review based on my real world experience with my Tracphone.

Fast forward to 2007. While fone-review is still kicking, I've found that it's cumbersome to keep it updated with the freshest info about my TracFone in particular as well as Tracphones in general. Hence, I've decided to start this TracFone blog so that I can add content to fone-review much more easily and regularly. The primary goal is to give potential TracFone purchasers a long-term look at how my Tracphone has worked for me over the weeks, months, and years, but even current owners may find the blog to be an interesting read.

As with all bloggers, I crave comments on my site, so please leave them.



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February 26, 2007 21:53 - Setting up the TracFone tracphone blog

I'm still playing with the various features of the blogging software I'm using for the TracFone blog. Today I worked on setting up the categories that the various posts will be filed under, and configuring the software to list the categories at the bottom of the pages.

My hope is that the categories will help you find the particular Tracphone information you are looking for faster than reading through every post. Not that I don't want you to read through every post, mind you, but sometimes it's nice to go right to the info that interests you.

The next time I sit down to work on the TracFone blog, I'm going to set up the comments capability so that all of my faithful blog readers can leave intersting and witty comments!

But since this category is supposed to be about using my TracFone on a daily basis, I'll mention about how I set my Nokia 2600 TracFone to discreet mode during my Bible study tonight. I have discreet mode setup to be vibrate only so that it doesn't annoy people during times when a ringing cell phone would annoy people. What I like about the TracFone Nokia 2600 is that you can get to discreet mode quickly, easily, and silently. I simply hit the right arrow navigation button, and then hit the select button, and I'm done. Nice.

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